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Anne Gross REALTOR® (BRE License Number 01209419)
1392 Mitchell Road
Modesto,  CA  95351
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Winterizing your chimney
As winter approaches, one of the things to look forward to is the cozy heat and intimate glow that can come only from a wood fire. But burning wood can create some definite safety hazards if you don't keep up with regular fireplace and wood-stove maintenance.
Tech playing key role in real estate deals
Invariably, buyers or sellers are faced with important decisions at the most inconvenient times. They may be on vacation or on a business trip. Even if you're in town, you may be tied up in meetings and unable to take time to drive to your real estate agent's office.
Staging could land sellers in trouble
Fixing your house up for sale is highly recommended in the current market if you hope to sell within a reasonable period of time and for an acceptable price. Today's buyers want turnkey houses that they can move right into without having much work.

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Anne Gross
1392 Mitchell Road
Modesto,  CA  95351
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The Best and Worst Uses for HELOCs
Home equity is a valuable asset for every homeowner and can provide funds for just about anything. However, when deciding to tap into your home equity, homeowners should use extreme caution and decide how valuable the investment will be in a few years. ...more
Smartphone apps let neighbors report water wasters
With Californians being urged to cut water use as the state's historic drought drags on, a growing number of local water agencies are enlisting the public to play water cop with their smartphones. ...more
Drought Tolerant Landscaping
With severe drought conditions across large swatches of the west and pockets of the rest of the United States, many homeowners are looking for ways to conserve water on landscaping. But there's no need to rip out your whole yard and replace it with gravel—unless you want to. There are plenty of other ways to create a drought-tolerant landscape while also creating a beautiful and functional space. And drought-tolerant landscaping not only saves water immediately, but will be more resilient against future droughts. Here are some ideas: ...more
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