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From James Melton
James Melton, Victory Mortgage & Real Estate / BRE #: 01222353
2901 W PCH 200, Newport Beach, CA 92663
(w) 714.374.0022 (c) 714.318.4664

James earns Top Sales Record

5 years straight PERFECT closing record, per MLS! NOBODY beat James!
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Expert Real Estate Services

Mortgage, Sell, Buy, Lease. Short Sale, Foreclosures, Probate Sales, Standard Sales. Call James!
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5 Star Professional Award

James wins 2nd year in a row! Top Service, Best Results.
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Clean Up Your Credit for the New Year

Your credit score has a big impact on just about everything you do, from being approved for a credit card...
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As the holidays approach and work schedules wind down with the year drawing to a close, moving during this time period can be rather costly. While you might have time off work, movers and other types ... CHECK OUT MORE