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James Melton REALTOR® (BRE License Number 01222353)
Top 5% of Realtors (Trulia)  REALTOR® (BRE License Number 01222353)
Victory Mortgage and Real Estate
2901 W. PCH
Suite 200
Newport Beach,  CA  92663
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Just Listed
Senior community. Priced to sell.
Coming Soon
2 bed, 2 bath penthouse condo in gated community near Huntington Harbor.
One of the most prestigious zip codes in the US. Beverly Hills estate, gated & private.
Sold. I can sell yours too
James represented the seller. Sold for full price.
Pending Sale
3 bed/2 bath. Granite, newer roof & windows. Deferred maintenance.

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James Melton
Victory Mortgage and Real Estate
2901 W. PCH
Newport Beach,  CA  92663
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Equal Housing Opportunity   
Summerizing Your Home
Summer maintenance is really about keeping things running smoothly so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the more sublime pleasures of summer-like alfresco dinners with friends and family, puttering in the garden and lazy afternoons reading in the hammock.

Keep It Cool

The first order of business is keeping your space cool. Make sure your air conditioning is running efficiently by putting in a clean air filter and cleaning air vents. During periods of heavy A/C use, replace filters every 30 days. Outside, clear the area around the unit so that the air intake vents aren't blocked by shrubs, leaves, or other debris. Keep thermostat set at the highest temperature that still feels comfortable and make sure it's set to “auto” and not “fan.”


Working with an Appraiser to get the Best Value for Your Home
Whether you're getting ready to sell or looking to refinance, you want to get the highest appraisal possible. When refinancing, a low appraisal can diminish the financial benefits of refinancing or cause your application to be rejected outright. And when selling your home, a lower-than-expected appraisal can make lenders or buyers skittish and cause deals to fall through. ...more
What Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know About Housing Affordability
Is it the right time to buy a house? Is it the right time to sell? How do you know when to jump into the real estate market? Th ...more
Summer Friendly Landscapes
Lush, green turf grass covers nearly 47 million acres in the United States. All that green requires homeowners to hand over “green” for upkeep since most yards are covered with non-native grass species that need mowing, weed killing, fertilizing, and watering. In fact, the average American household uses 60 gallons of water a day on watering. So, ditch the thirsty green for these easy yard alternatives: ...more
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