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Five factors to weigh before renting out your home

Q: I have a house that I don't want to sell right now, but I would like to move and am thinking of rentin...
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Sellers: Don't overdo it on home improvements

Homeowners who are thinking about selling this year should be aware of what today's buyers are looking fo...
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Six truths about no-cost mortgages

"Is shopping for a no-cost mortgage a good strategy in today's market?"
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Buying beats renting in 98 of 100 metros

Thanks to nationwide price declines and rising rents, buying a home is now cheaper than renting one in 98...
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Six years after the market peaked in 2006 and prices started to decline, many sellers are still in denial about the current market value of their homes. It's difficult for most sellers to accept the r... CHECK OUT MORE
Home buyers who buy during the dry season can be in for an unpleasant surprise when the roof leaks or the basement floods after the first rain. Who is responsible for damage caused by water intrusion ... CHECK OUT MORE
Time and time again, home-buyer wannabes state that the reason they are still fence-sitting is that they don't want to end up in the same trouble the last generation of homeowners did.... CHECK OUT MORE
Q: My daughter made an offer on a house, which the seller accepted, but it is a short sale and now we are waiting for the bank to accept the offer. In the meantime, the seller wants us to get the home... CHECK OUT MORE
Negotiation strategies differ depending on how well the home is priced and who's on the other side. If you're trying to buy a short-sale listing where the lender has to agree to accept less than the a... CHECK OUT MORE