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Pay early, save on mortgage interest

A frequently asked question is whether a mortgage borrower receives any benefit from paying before the du...
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Home loan shopping still far from perfect

The mortgages being written today are certainly better matched to the needs and payment capacity of borro...
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Better credit score doesn't guarantee cheaper loan

One of the unusual features of the U.S. mortgage market is that borrowers are obliged to select a lender ...
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Three money lessons from U.S. credit downgrade

Americans waited with bated breath on our congressional leadership to resolve the debt ceiling crisis. At...
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After years of living in a home, it's easy to fall into a habit of overlooking home maintenance chores. If there's no urgency, many homeowners procrastinate. Often problems don't get fixed until a maj... CHECK OUT MORE
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First-time buyers are often caught in a "Catch 22". They usually have the hardest time qualifying for a mortgage. And they have the hardest time accumulating cash for a down payment and closing costs.... CHECK OUT MORE
INGREDIENTS: 1 cup cracked wheat or bulgur (course or fine; I used coarse grain) 3 tomatoes, seeded and chop... CHECK OUT MORE