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Curb Appeal Matters (Even When You're Not Selling)
By: Jeannette Brown

First impressions aren’t just important in the business world; they’re also crucial in the real estate world. Consequently, curb appeal is a detail that shouldn’t fall to the wayside, whether you’re currently selling your home or not. While it goes without saying that attention to curb appeal can make all the difference in getting a prospective buyer to part with thousands of dollars more when a sale occurs, there are plenty of reasons to boost your home’s curb appeal now (even if a “For Sale” sign isn’t posted on your front lawn).

If you really pay attention to the way your home looks from the street, your mind won’t necessarily be drawn immediately to home sales. After all, pride in your home’s appearance maintains the value of your investment and curb appeal also attracts good neighbors. If another home is for sale on your street, strong curb appeal keeps a neighborhood’s values intact. New neighbors also will be committed to home upkeep if other homes set a positive example.

Here are a few tips to improve your home’s curb appeal:

Clean up
If you have kids, a messy array of toys sprawled across your front lawn isn’t the most appealing look. Keep your front lawn as tidy as possible and your garage clean enough so that you can park your vehicle inside, as both actions add to your home’s curb appeal. And if you have any lingering weeds or dead plants, then it doesn’t take much time to remove them.

No one wants to buy a home that looks like all other homes and therefore you probably don’t want to live in a home that doesn’t reflect your tastes and uniqueness. Curb appeal also can be a means of self-expression, such as whether you love brilliant colors or prefer a more subdued palate. A strong landscape design can really make your home stand out from the crowd.

Doors and Windows
If your doors and windows are showing significant wear-and-tear, then you may want to consider upgrading or cleaning them because they are some of the first items that people notice. Chipped paint on the front door or dirty windows detract from your home’s look and can be easily fixed with a fresh coat of paint or window washing.

People may be more likely to camp out in front of a television rather than on a front porch, but a porch significantly adds not only to the selling value of a home but its curb appeal as well. If your home has a porch, ensure that it is free of dirt and that there is inviting outdoor furniture—all of which makes for a home that looks welcoming.

Outdoor Lighting
From a visual standpoint, portable outdoor lamps, solar garden lights, or other means of outdoor lighting can really bring out your home’s exterior features and keep your home looking sharp during the evening hours.

It’s clear that whatever you do, curb appeal is an important part of your home and it comes down to planning and execution.