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Equity Growth and How to Use it to Your Advantage
As we have all heard or experienced first hand, the housing market has seen a tremendous comeback over the last 36 months. House prices have soared, bringing home values up to a point where many homeowners are in a positive equity position. This is a great opportunity for you as a homeowner to use that equity. Here are a few ways equity growth can benefit you:

-Sell existing home
Use equity to purchase a newer, larger home, with a bigger down payment or relocate to a different area

-Use equity to purchase a 2nd Home or Investment Property

-Pull equity out to remodel existing home, make upgrades or add a pool

-Refinance existing mortgage to get rid of PMI

-Refinance to payoff and/or consolidate debt

Whatever the case may be, recent equity growth can be used to benefit ones financial position. With interest rates still at historic lows, this a perfect time to explore different financing options.