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Offering Over Asking Price on a Home: When to Pull Out the Cash and When to

One tried and true method for standing out among hordes of eager home buyers is to offer more money than ...
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Hardball Fouls: 6 Home-Selling Negotiation Strategies That Can Backfire

When you're selling your home, you might imagine you hold all the cards. And you do—sort of. But it's e...
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Infographic: Moving With Kids

Home buyers and sellers with children under the age of 18 have unique needs.
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Forty percent of us think our credit score will climb if we carry a small balance (nope), and 52% don’t realize bad credit can increase the amount needed for deposits on utilities (it does!), accord... CHECK OUT MORE
You don’t need to be Bob Barker to know when the price just isn’t right. Just ask Candace Talmadge. She originally listed her Lancaster, Texas, home for $129,000, but “eventually had to accept t... CHECK OUT MORE
With guest season (also known as THE HOLIDAYS) coming at you fast and furious, you want to be sure your home is cozy, but with that fresh-as-spring feel — as opposed to that musty-damp-winter feel.... CHECK OUT MORE